Striker VR Reveals New Haptic Units Based on Magnetic Suspension

Today, we’re excited to finally reveal a project we’ve been working on for quite some time. We have been developing a special custom haptics unit specifically suited for VR and LBE applications in partnership with Nanoport Technology, coming first to the Arena Infinity LITE.

Based on patented TacHammer LMR technology, our new actuators use magnetic suspension technology to produce a wide range of haptics including traditional effects like vibrations and clicks, and also high G-force impacts. It is the largest production TacHammer to date, uniquely made for Striker VR products.

At Striker VR, our haptics have always been known for high G-force impact, and we’re proud to now support an even broader range of haptics, from subtle effects, like the rumble of a distant explosion to the throbbing heartbeat of a player.