Hands-On: SPACES Reveals ‘Secret’ Terminator VR Attraction

VR startup SPACES is looking for Terminator fans to “join the resistance.”

In 2016 Brad Herman and Shiraz Akmal spun out their exploratory work in immersive entertainment at DreamWorks into its own independent company. They named the company SPACES and, backed by Comcast Ventures, VR Fund, and others, indicated they were working on location-based VR solutions. Last year, they announced additional investment and a $30 million commercial partnership with Chinese theme park operator Songcheng but, other than that, Herman and Akmal remained quiet.

A few months ago they asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement and invited me to experience an early test-bed for a walk-around Terminator installation they are officially announcing today. The backpack-based system included some fantastic immersive and interactive effects. SPACES is also planning additional features like high scores and video recording that are a step above what’s currently available at similar setups from The VOID and Dreamscape Immersive.