VRLA 2018 Highlights


And the award for “Most Improved Show Presence” goes to Exit Reality! Kidding aside, the immersive entertainment distributor made waves this year with a massive installation that utterly dwarfed it’s humble presence at last years VRLA.

...thanks to a partnership with Neurogaming, it was surrounded by an assortment of VR gold such as an official VR rendition of the popular online tank brawler World of Tanks, multiplayer shoot-em-ups, even competitive VR future pong. However, it was their PolygonVR setup that really stole the show.

A full-body multiplayer online VR co-op experience, PolygonVR is an online arena of sorts, capable of connecting to other compatible arenas around the world for a global competitive VR experience. As I strapped into several foot and hand trackers, I was handed an incredibly well-built gun peripheral, [Striker VR's Arena Infinity], featuring some impressive kickback and reloading functionality. After prepping myself for the incoming battle I was joined in person by several teammates. Little did I know that one of them was actually playing remotely from NY, a fact I discovered only after attempting to high five my virtual teammate after a round well-played.

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