As VR Arcade Adoption Grows TrueVRsystems [to] Continue International Expansion

...[TrueVRsystems will] soon open a new arcade in Chile. The virtual reality (VR) arcade industry is seeing booming growth with multiple companies invested in the market, expanding to new venues and countries. The latest to announce its continued success is Swiss firm trueVRsystems, which is now extending its reach to international markets.

With five VR arena arcades already operating within its home country including Fusion Arena in Zurich’s Letzipark, trueVRsystems is currently in the process of installing its sixth arcade in Stockholm, Sweden. This is a modular 2 x 150m2 system that can combine into one large 300m2 arena. After completion of the Swedish arena the company will build another 150m2 system inside a luxury hotel chain based in Santiago, Chile.

“Each one of our operating centers is special and its delivery enabled us to test, learn and improve from a technical and operational perspective,” explains Philip Lacoste, co-founder and CEO in a statement.

Established in 2015, the company opened its R&D center in 2016, going onto establish locations including the VR Center Basel which it opened at the end of October 2017 then in February a 130m2 arena at Arcade Lounge in Kassel, Germany.

“We have achieved a complete, turnkey solution that is deployable almost anywhere by a wide range of operators, and we are moving forward with our proven architecture into international markets,” says Guy van der Walt, trueVRsystems CCO.