Hands-on: Striker VR’s Latest Haptic Gun Prototype Brings a Host of Improvements

Striker VR is developing a haptic gun peripheral for out-of-home VR attractions, which has the most powerful and responsive recoil that I’ve ever tested. The company’s latest prototype, a verification model as the company nears its first manufacturing run, brings a host of improvements.

Striker VR’s ‘Arena Infinity‘ VR gun peripheral uses an electric haptic system to create a powerful and responsive kick that really pushes back against your shoulder and moves the gun when you pull the trigger. In addition to single-fire recoil, the system can also handle burst fire, automatic fire, and a range of programmable haptic effects like a chainsaw, a ‘charge up’ effect for sci-fi weaponry, and more. The gun is tracked with integrated OptiTrack IR LED markers, or with any tracking system that can be mounted to the gun. This video from earlier this year explores how it works.