Upload VR | The New Striker VR Rifle Will be Sleeker, Stronger and Available Soon to Arcades

Striker VR used the opportunity of GDC 2017 to showcase its high-end virtual reality rifle and tease the next generation of mixed reality gun accessories. Striker VR is a startup of dedicated VR hardware developers. Its product is a realistic-feeling rifle capable of syncing with VR experiences and creating a deeper layer of immersion for gun-based games. Inside the Striker VR rifle is a battery, wireless electronics and a haptic motor. This motor is what delivers the kick you feel every time you pull the trigger.

I tried the show floor model of the Striker at GDC and I can say definitively that it is the most realistic VR gun peripheral I’ve ever experienced. The recoil on the rifle is strong enough to feel almost uncomfortable, which is exactly what you would want in a firearm facsimile.

On top of the push back, the rifle’s weight is also a source of added realism. This thing is so heavy that you’ll feel the strain in your shoulders after just a few shots. This could provide some interesting VR fitness applications for the Striker while also making the fake weapon feel more like the genuine article.