Striker VR has made the Arena Infinity™ product line the all-around best in class system to design and use haptics in your Arena and Pod scale VR facilities. Simply put, you will not find a more feature packed and immersive production-ready haptic system on the market.


Additionally, Striker VR has custom tailored the Arena Infinity™ for the Location Based Entertainment (LBE) industry. With our Arena Live™ software for developers and LBE staff, we ensure that our systems are easily deployed, require minimal effort to maintain and provide the fastest throughput possible.

Bring your arena to life with our full VR Integrations

Arena live™ 


Arena Live™ a powerful software suite for creation, development and maintenance of Striker VR peripherals.

With a fully integrated toolset, our plugins put you in the driver seat.

Explore haptic subtleties that you never thought one peripheral could offer.

How will you use Arena Live™ to tell your story?

Haptic Studio

Best in class haptic hardware deserves best in class haptic software. Whether using pre-existing haptic effects like chainsaw and plasma rifle or jumping in and designing your own, Striker VR has you covered.

Wireless Configuration

Let us take the effort out of configuring wireless devices: Easily manage new wireless profiles, push updates and adjust wireless attributes


Active Diagnostics

Gain insights and understand how to optimize your facility with our diagnostics tool. Look through battery life, hardware use and error analysis quickly and efficiently.

Fully Programmable HALO Colors

If you are looking to separate teams by color for spectators in your arena or your staff is looking for important diagnostic information, like battery life, our Arena Live™ software package makes this easy.

With 8-bit depth per Red, Green & Blue channel, 16 million colors are fully addressable to harness as you see fit.


We provide robust wireless communications that connect with the use of a simple serial link.* The communications work with our Arena Live™ software to create a seamless connection all the way from design to deployment.


*For our clients using the HTC Vive Tracker with the Arena Infinity LITE, all wireless communication (button press, touchpad use, etc.) flows over the Tracker’s wireless link, simplifying deployment.


The Arena Infinity™ supports many tracking technologies. Currently, we offer tracking support for Optitrack and the HTC Vive**. However, additional tracking technologies can be used and mounted to the Picatinny rail on top of the Arena Infinity™ / Arena Infinity™ LITE.

*Is your tracking not listed here? Please contact us for more information.

**The HTC Vive tracking solution is currently compatible with the Arena Infinity™ LITE.


Optitrack active markers (IR)