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Software MANAGER

We are currently looking for a Software Manager to bring their energy and expertise to bear on revolutionizing the future of our next generation gaming devices. The Software Manager will play a critical role in developing, designing, implementing and testing simulation hardware, as well as software and gaming integrations, and mentor and lead software engineers

technical project manager

We are seeking a Technical Project Manager to work within our teams to define and deliver technical solutions. The Technical Project Manager will guide collaborative projects with external vendors and internal partners as well as support our team's procurement, materials, and equipment needs.

full-stack developer – Senior

As a senior full-stack developer for StrikerVR, you will play a critical lead role in developing, designing, implementing and testing simulation hardware as well as implementing software and gaming integrations. You will also collaborate with external and internal stakeholders on project development, identifying milestones and setting project timelines and deliverables 

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